The iGEM BioDesign Bootcamp

The iGEM BioDesign Bootcamp is an intensive introduction to synthetic biology, an emerging field which uses molecular techniques to engineer biological systems that solve problems.


The 2019 week-long wintersession program enabled participants to learn foundational research skills and get their hands wet with genetic engineering. The program features a laboratory component that guides students through the construction of a genetic device, a conceptual introduction to the field, and a project brainstorming component. Participants will learn widely applicable laboratory skills and protocols that make up the "toolbox" of synthetic biology, including PCR (polymerase chain reaction), DNA purification, bacterial culture, and cloning.


Although the tempo is fast-paced, the experience is geared towards participants with diverse backgrounds and any level of prior experience with biological research, including none at all. Resources were provided to get everyone up to speed.


We encourage any interested undergraduates to apply for the 2019 iGEM BioDesign Bootcamp! 

Deadline has passed. Please check back for our 2020 application next winter!

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