Hack Life is Harvard iGEM - and Harvard's - premier biohackathon, now in its third year. This event is meant to be open to people from all disciplines, regardless of your experience with biology. Teams should ideally have a diverse profile of members, as this event will challenge your creativity. Please make sure you will be available during the weekend of June 28 - June 30. Food will be provided throughout the event (lunch/dinner Sat/Sun). 


You may choose to work with up to 4 other people. Make sure everyone on your team puts the names of all the people they wish to work with on the registration form. You may also choose to register by yourself, in which case, you will be added to a team. 



The prompt for this year's BioHackathon can be found on this page. We believe that any team will be able to come up with a unique, meaningful pitch, so don't worry too much about whether you have enough "experience" or "expertise" in biology/CS/engineering. Projects are not restricted to STEM approaches. Students from any academic background are encouraged to participate in the BioHackathon. Project pitches will then be presented to the track judges in lecture/presentation format on June 30


Although we don't expect a full product, the best teams will create some type of prototype (digitally or 3D). For example, teams using scientific or engineering approaches should include in their presentation a diagram of the constructs, organisms, and methods they might use. Teams taking a social sciences approach should include diagrams, graphics, charts, or a 3D model (if applicable). However, they may digitally render it if they do not have the necessary materials available.


Project pitches will be judged based on creativity, presentation/delivery, scientific foundation, and market potential (as applies). Further questions during the BioHackathon may be directed to crimsonigem@gmail.com

Judges and Sponsors

Meet our judges and sponsors on this page.


There are 3 prize levels for winning teams:









$500 - Day Zero Dx Grand Prize

(Sponsored by Day Zero Diagnostics)

$200 - Second Place Prize

$100 Third Place Prize

Day Zero Diagnostics.png

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